Oakley Felon Men’s Lifestyle Sunglasses

Price: $150.00 and Includes Free Ground Freight

Oakley Felon Mens Lifestyle Sunglasses
Oakley Felon Men's Lifestyle Sunglasses

We have no problem bending the laws of physics and busting any regs that get in the way of explosive innovation, but it would be a crime to let all that technology hit the streets without the attitude to live by its own rules. That’s why we sculptured C-5 alloy into a design called FELON, a sunglass that lays down the law of performance, protection and style.

This lightweight metal frame is built with a Three-Point Fit that optimizes comfort while keeping the lenses precisely aligned, letting the patented innovations of HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS (HDO) do their job of maximizing clarity. The UNOBTAINIUM stem sleeves actually increase grip with sweat, keeping the frame in place when the heat is on. Optical performance and impact resistance meet ANSI Z80.3 Industrial Standards. Ultraviolet light is Public Enemy No. 1, so the pure PLUTONITE lenses stop every eye-wrenching ray, not just UVA and UVB. If you need prescription lenses, FELON sunglasses can handle them.

  • Ultra-lightweight hi-modulus C-5 frame material
  • Optimized peripheral vision and side protection of 6 base lens curvature
  • Comfort and performance of Three-Point Fit that holds lenses in precise optical alignment
  • Optical precision and performance that meets all ANSI Z80.3 standards
  • Impact resistance that meets all ANSI Z80.3 standards
  • UV protection of Plutonite lens material that filters out 100% of UVA/UVB/UVC & harmful blue light
  • Patented hydrophilic Unobtainium earsocks ensure a
  • Prescription ready (+2.00 through -4.00 combined power)

Available in Matte Black/Warm Grey, Polished Gold/Dark Grey, Brushed Chrome/Matte Black/Grey & Chocolate/Dark Bronze

Price: $150.00 and Includes Free Ground Freight

05-620 – Oakley Felon – Matte Black/Warm Grey – $150.00
05-622 – Oakley Felon – Polished Gold/Dark Grey – $150.00
05-623 – Oakley Felon – Brushed Chrome/Matte Black/Grey – $150.00
05-624 – Oakley Felon – Chocolate/Dark Bronze – $150.00