Oakley Jupiter Men’s Lifestyle Sunglasses

Starting at $100.00 – $120.00 and Includes Free Ground Freight

Oakley Jupiter Mens Lifestyle Sunglasses
Oakley Jupiter Men's Lifestyle Sunglasses

Original style isn’t dead but it’s practically got cops drawing chalk lines around it. When was the last time you found shades that dialed in something real without flash or show? All it takes is some clean lines, a few angles with attitude and a whole lot of technology. Introducing OAKLEY JUPITER, a pure approach to original style. This is how we spell authenticity. No exclamation point needed – just a smooth look with icon accents, sculptural detailing and metal bands for an assertive edge.

OAKLEY JUPITER uses HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS (HDO) for clarity that exceeds ANSI Z80.3 standards. You also get 100% UV filtering, plus impact resistance that meets ANSI Z87.1 standards. Our Three-Point Fit holds the lenses in precise optical alignment while offering dawn-to-dusk comfort. Sculpturally integrated hinges put an accent on durability, and six-base lens curvature widens your peripheral view.

OAKLEY JUPITER is available in a version with a frame made of durable O MATTER and if you weren’t born with perfect eyes, you can get them with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses. The combined power can be anywhere from +2.0 to -4.0.

You can choose among various lens options for the non-prescription editions, and both Grey and Dark Bronze lens colors are available for OAKLEY JUPITER. Our Grey lenses help you maintain color recognition on sunny days of average brightness. For enhanced visual contrast plus light filtering that can take on blinding sunlight, select the frame color that comes with Dark Bronze lenses.

Our Bronze lens gives you enhanced contrast in average sun brightness. Four lens options feature IRIDIUM lens coating to reduce glare and balance light. To maintain color recognition, choose either Black IRIDIUM or Positive Red IRIDIUM for bright sun. If you’re looking for enhanced contrast and improved depth perception, go with Violet IRIDIUM or 24K IRIDIUM in bright sun.

  • Durability and all-day comfort of lightweight, stress-resistant O Matter frame material
  • Precision and durability of sculpturally integrated hinge mechanisms with dual action CAM
  • Optimized peripheral vision and side protection of 6 base lens curvature
  • Comfort and Performance of Three-Point Fit that holds lenses in precise optical alignment
  • Metal band and icon accents, with Square O Icon design
  • Optical precision and performance that meets all ANSI Z87.1 standards
  • Impact resistance that meets ANSI Z87.1 basic impact standards
  • UV protection of Plutonite lens material that filters out 100% of UVA / UVB / UVC & harmful blue light up to 400 nm
  • Glare reduction and tuned light transmission of Iridium lens coating (optional)
  • Available with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses (+2.0 to -4.0 combined power)

Available in Matte Black/Grey, Matte Rootbeer/Bronze, Polished Black/Black Iridium, Polished Clear/Violet Iridium, White/24K Iridium & Crystal Red/Ruby Iridium

Starting at $100.00 – $120.00 and Includes Free Ground Freight

03-245 – Oakley Jupiter – Matte Black/Grey – $100.00
03-246 – Oakley Jupiter – Matte Rootbeer/Bronze – $100.00
03-244 – Oakley Jupiter – Polished Black/Black Iridium – $110.00
03-247 – Oakley Jupiter – Polished Clear/Violet Iridium – $110.00
03-249 – Oakley Jupiter – White/24K Iridium – $110.00
03-248 – Oakley Jupiter – Crystal Red/Ruby Iridium – $120.00