Aprilia RS 250

Aprilia RS 250 Motor Bike, Beauty Behind The Beast

Here’s one of my personal favorite that will surely knock your head out. Take this two wheeled terrors to the streets and watch gridlocked motorists turn green with envy, the very limited edition of Aprilia RS 250 Sport Bike Motorcycle.

The two-stroke 90° V twin, liquid cooled engine power immediately invoke up images of the race track, the depths of the racing atmosphere, the undeviating extra challenge and top caliber performance. Without a doubt the RS 250 represents the limit in terms of technology taken to extremes, engineering solutions and the heritage of the racing world transferred to a standard product.

The RS 250 from the Aprilia championship motorcycles gives a better handling for beginners but it will surely not disappoint veterans with the hand guards which are masterly fitted in the bodywork helping it to eliminate uncomfortable turbulence and to completely fit the rider with the fairing which has been enormously tested enabling the bike’s speed full performance ensuring protection and comfort. Thanks to the use of a wind tunnel, the overall design of the fairing enables the performance of the most powerful two-stroke twin in its category to be optimized

With the looks of a racing bike having the digital racing instrumentation including a genuine on-board computer capable of providing all the essential information with an electronic control of the exhaust valve and carburetors and mapping of the programmed spark advance ensuring high maximum power and at the same time high engine usability at all running speeds. A very sleek smooth design that would unquestionably make you put the pedal to the metal.

A definite must-have for motorcycle speed junkies that will indisputably make those heads turn.

by Marty Rodriguez / Staff Writer