Hygienic Measures for Motorcycles

Trouble-Free Hygienic Measures for Motorcycles

  • Taking care of the motorcycle is one of the responsibilities a motorcyclist should do to maintain the worth, class and quality of the machine. If the motorcyclist consistently uses the machine, here are some simple cleaning tips on how to keep the motorcycle dirt free, presentable and looking brand new at all times.
  • Dishwashing liquid can help clean the inside surface of the helmet visor. Just put a dab of the dishwashing liquid into a cloth or sponge, and then rub well until clear. This would help reduce fogging in the visor, which would give clear vision to the motorcyclist.
  • Spray-on body lotions such as Avon Skin-so-soft might help take off chain overspray faster than anything. Just avoid spraying on any paint, instead, spray the lotion on a clean rug or cloth, then start rubbing in on the spokes, chain guard and rear fender.
  • Among all sprays in the market, WD-40 is a true miracle spray. Spray a clean rag with WD-40, then start wiping the front of your bike, the headlights, leading edges of the handlebars, and other parts of the motorcycle. Bugs or any insects would not stick at all. This is even better than wax for headlights and metals.
  • A citrus-based spray cleaner would be an alternative if no Avon products can be found. This would clean the chain gunk and slimes from the motorcycle as well as other dirt and dust. But remember not to spray the body of the bike directly, better spray the cleaner first on a rag or cloth.
  • Oven cleaner gets rid of boot marks on chrome exhaust pipes quite quickly. Be careful not to get any of the oven cleaners on any paint and the motorcycle body. Cover any painted surfaces with cardboard to ensure that the oven cleaner stays on the pipes. Start the step by wearing rubber gloves, and then saturate a rug with oven cleaner. Wipe exhaust pipes with the rug and let it stay for at least 10 minutes. Repeat as necessary, finishing with a clear water rinse, and wax of any choice.
  • A good choice to use in cleaning textile gear would be Avon bubble. Add a cap of Avon bubble to a part of water. To remove bug residue, put in the solution in a rug, then wipe the textile part of the motorcycle. This would also help in removing grimes around the wrist areas, as well as sweat and odors.
  • Fabreeze would be the best choice for leather jackets smelling badly. Spray lightly on the jacket, then hang the item to remain open, let it dry and that should give a favorable smell on the leather jacket.
  • For zippers, try wiping a small dab of wax up and down the teeth to loosen and avoid the difficulty zipping in and out.
  • If boot eyes tear up the laces, try to coat if with a clear nail polish. Reapply if needed.
  • For other leather garments, use lard instead or mink oil or other treatments. Put in the lard into a rug, and then work it to the seams. Hang it in front of an open oven door on a chair back for best drying results. A fireplace would also be necessary. This should work on any leather, saddlebags, jackets as well as gloves.

The lard on leather works, if done appropriately. The proper way is to make use of the lard heavily, let it melt and be absorbed into the leather and stitching, then remove any excess.