Motorcycle Styles

Motorcycle Types and Styles

Motorcycling is about adventure. If you think it is for you, then it is time to start thinking about buying your first bike.

Not all motorcycles are created equal. And the best motorcycle is not always the right one. Getting the right motorcycle simply means getting the motorcycle suited to your needs. To save money and stress, figure out what you want to do with motorcycle you will buy. It will be easier to decide what are the right parts or components.

Just as there are different types of riding, there are different types of motorcycles. Many riders use their motorcycles daily to commute to work. Some love getting out on the highway for a long-distance weekend adventure. Some like to explore twisty mountain roads. Choosing a motorcycle involves matching your needs to your favorite type of riding, as well as, the types and styles of motorcycles offered and your riding abilities.

So let us take a closer look at some of the popular styles of motorcycles available and what they have to offer.

The standard (do everything motorcycle) is ideal for getting you started in motorcycling. Standard motorcycles are characterized by a classic upright riding position with room for a passenger. They come from the manufacturer with little or no bodywork, making it easier for the owner to perform maintenance on them.

When you combine style and performance, you have a cruiser. As the name implies, cruisers are great for a short hop down the highway or just cruising the boulevard. There are several engine types and power levels to choose from. Because of their step seat, the cruiser offers a laid-back ride. With plenty of gleaming chrome and paint that looks like it is from the custom shop, you will be ready to move out in style.

If the open road is beckoning and you want to see the world, you will want a touring bike. These are motorcycles built to take you there and back with the highest levels of comfort. Fairing and windshield surround the rider for comfort and protection from wind and weather. Large-capacity luggage compartments hold the personal things that make traveling civilized. Touring models have engines that match their load capacities; strong, powerful and fuel-efficient. A comfy seat and plush adjustable suspension tops the touring bike off.

For the latest in two-wheel performance technology and design, you will want to look at today’s sportbikes. They capture the spirit of their all-out competition cousins in their style and hardware. They make carving through a curving mountain road a rush. Sportbikes come complete with the latest in brake, tire and suspension components. Their engines come in every capacity with a high-specific output. These motorcycles are easily recognizable by their sleek aerodynamic bodywork and a riding position that puts the rider closely in tune with every movement on the road. State-of-the-art technology does not come any better!

A cross between the touring rig and a sport bike is the sport-touring class. The sport tourer has the sleek bodywork of a sportbike, yet the rider sits in a more traditional, upright position and is often shielded by a windscreen. They are lighter than touring bikes and often come with detachable saddlebags. This bike gives the combination of comfort and reasonable performance.

When you are ready, visit several dealers or motorcycle shows. Look for sales people that are friendly and knowledgeable. Try several models until you find the ‘right’ one. Ask lots of questions. Motorcycle sales people are eager to help share the joy of motorcycling with you.