Trinity Sundahl Banshee Super Quad

Trinity Sundahl Banshee Super Quad

The finish product never tells you the whole story. When this bike is in your hands,  you already know all about glitz and glamour, being user friendly, and staying juicy to the last bite. The curtain leading to the behind-the-scenes chaos stays closed to you.  So you dont get the whole picture of how that thing in your hands came.

One thing is for sure this bike; Trinity Sundahl Banshee Super Quad is a finish product that was masterly crafted. A detailed chrome work and an exquisite paint job give this bike a polished and a hot look that dazzles.

The unusual configuration of the front A-arms on the Sundahl Racing chassis employs a unique design which allows for increased suspension travel without excessive wheel scrub. The rear shock on the super Banshee is a special and extra long Works Performance shock connected to a conventional link-less Lonestar aluminum swingarm.

The bike is powered by Trinity Racing 400cc Cheetah motor kit with V-Force Reeds, Stage IV pipes and silencers, a Trinity sure shift and a Trinity heavy clutch kit. The bike is the best even off the very bottom of the power band.

An awesome looking and fantastic performing vehicle with a tremendous power hooked up extremely and has the most suspension travel of any quad. It will blow by most any high performance quad down any whooped out straight-away ease.

This is the machine that will shed new light on the need for speed.