Oakley Proven MX Men’s Dirt Goggles

Starting at $ 45.00 – $ 50.00 and Includes Free Ground Freight

Oakley Proven MX Men's Dirt Goggles

They’re the ones who live life closer to the bone. Oakley riders push their limits with every twist of the throttle, and they demand the best MX goggle technology in the industry. Our decades in the sport have produced countless innovations for pros who refuse to compromise, and our PROVEN MX Goggle adds octane to the whole idea of performance.

To keep you focused with all-day comfort, this goggle combines a true anatomical fit with triple-layer face foam that wicks away sweat. Venting keeps your face from stewing when fellow riders boil your blood by daring to cross your path, and posts are included for your tear-offs. Giving your eyes the UV protection they need, the scratch-resistant LEXAN lens also comes optimized with anti-fog treatment. On top of visual impact, this MX goggle comes with the protection of EN 174 rated impact resistance. This is a 2009 Model.

Available in Matte Black/Clear, Jet Black/Dark Grey, Matte White/Clear, True Carbon Fiber/Clear, Black-Red Framework/Clear, Navy Digi-Slashed/Clear, Brake Check Green/Clear, Brake Check Red/Clear, and Brake Check Blue/Clear

Starting at $ 45.00 – $ 50.00 and Includes Free Ground Freight

01-718 – Oakley Proven MX – Matte Black/Clear – $45.00
01-720 – Oakley Proven MX – Jet Black/Dark Grey – $45.00
01-721 – Oakley Proven MX – Matte White/Clear – $45.00
01-724 – Oakley Proven MX – True Carbon Fiber/Clear – $50.00
01-726 – Oakley Proven MX – Black-Red Framework/Clear – $50.00
01-727 – Oakley Proven MX – Navy Digi-Slashed/Clear – $50.00
01-745 – Oakley Proven MX – Brake Check Green/Clear – $50.00
01-746 – Oakley Proven MX – Brake Check Red/Clear – $50.00
01-747 – Oakley Proven MX – Brake Check Blue/Clear – $50.00