VonZipper Rockford Men’s Sunglasses

Price On Sale: $63.00 and Includes Free Ground Freight

VonZipper Rockford Men's Sunglasses
VonZipper Rockford Men's Sunglasses

When it’s time to throw down at the bro-down showdown, slap a pair of Rockfords on your face and let your hair down! These supreme sunglasses fron VonZipper are the next best thing to a hug from a not so secret admirer.

* 100% UV protection
* Base 6 spherical lens
* Handtooled acetate frame
* Impact resistant CR39 lens
* Stainless steel optical hinges
* Wire injected temple core

Price On Sale: $63.00 and Includes Free Ground Freight
SMFFQROC-BGO -VonZipper Rockford – Black Geo/Grey -$63.00
SMFFQROC-RET -VonZipper Rockford – Tortoise/Bronze -$63.00
SMFFQROC-YPB -VonZipper Rockford – Yipes Black/Gradient -$63.00
SMFFQROC-BRE -VonZipper Rockford – Black Red Checkers/Grey -$63.00
SMFFQROC-CYT -VonZipper Rockford – Color Clash Tangerine/Grey -$63.00
SMFFQROC-CLC -VonZipper Rockford – Crystal/Lunar Chrome -$63.00
SMFFQROC-ROS -VonZipper Rockford – Red Opus/Gradient -$63.00
SMFFQROC-RJL -VonZipper Rockford – Red Jailstripe/Grey -$63.00
SMFFQROC-VIB -VonZipper Rockford – Vibrations/Grey -$63.00
SMFFQROC-WCZ -VonZipper Rockford – White Czech/Grey -$63.00
SMFFQROC-WBL -VonZipper Rockford – White Black Replicator/Grey -$63.00