VonZipper Goggles Styles

Articulating Helmet Hinge for a perfect fit with or without a helmet.

Outrigger available in Porkchop Goggles

Visual phenomena
Polarized lens available in Feenom and Chakra

Triple Density Face Foam Moisture Wicking, Fleece Lined

Forward frame and lens venting for maximum airflow

Spherical or cylindrical lens, 100% protection,anti-fog coated for optically correct, distortion-free vision.

Thermo-polyurethane frame remains flexible in even the coldest condition.

Dual Adjustable, Silicone Lined Strap

+Bonus Lens

Spherical Lens|Fits a Medium to Large Face

Spherical Lens|Fits a Medium to Large Face


Spherical Lens|Fits a Medium Face


      +Bonus Lens
Optimal Helmet

Cylindrical Lens|Fits a Medium to Large Face


Cylindrical Lens|Fits a Small to Medium Face


+Bonus Lens

Cylindrical Lens|Fits a Small to Medium Face


Cylindrical Lens|Fits a Small Face
Lens Light Transmission

Visual Light Transmittance (VLT)
Is a measure of the amount of light that passes through the lens.

Good for Sunny Days:
The lower the percentage, the darker the lens tint.

Good for Visibility Conditions:
The higher the percentage, the lighter the lens tint.

VZ and SkullCandy have integrated the face melting sound of the Skullcrusher headphone into the Feenom and Chakra goggle. The VZ Skullcrusher is an interchangeable love child born from our constant need to pay the rent with our rock and overcome the struggle between good and evil. When done shredding, just unclip the headphone cans from the goggle and into the headband and take your music with you. The Skullcrusher bass amplified sounds will blow your mind on or off the hill.

Product Features|Raised kill switch on Bass Boost| 3.5 mm plug inline microphone to answer telephone calls| Patented Money Clip System for easy attachment/detachment



Special care is required for optimum performance of VonZipper Goggles. If the inner lens surface becomes wet it becomes susceptible to scratching, it is important not to rub the inner lens if it is wet. Blot the lens with a goggle bag or soft cloth to remove excess moisture or allow the lens to air dry. When the lens is completely dry gently polish the lens with a goggle bag or soft cloth to remove smudges. • The inner and outer lens areas

should be cleaned with water only. Follow the instructions above for drying. • In order to prevent scratching, do not place the lens face down. If the lens is scratched, fractured or has any other markings that might impair vision, the lens should be replaced immediately. • Store goggles in a warm, dry area away from sun- light and heat. Inspect the goggle for any damage before each use. If damage is apparent to the lens or frame, replacement is strongly suggested. • Do not expose goggle to excessive heat, strong detergents or chemicals.

REPLACEMENT LENSES: All VonZipper snow goggle lenses are custom made to fit the curve of the goggle frame. In order to maintain their shapely figure, keep the lenses protected during travel, do not store the lenses flat and do not ride flat runs!

REMOVING LENSES: 1.When removing the lens from the frame, hold the frame at the bottom and grab the top of the frame from the inside.  2. Gently pull the top of the frame away from the lens.  3. Once the top of the frame is separated from the lens, gently pull the lens away from the sides and bottom of the frame.


From the moment a new design leaves the drawing board through the final quality certification, every VonZipper product is held to stringent quality control procedures to ensure that your VZ’s will not let you down. All VonZipper goggles are warranted for 6 months (from the date of purchase) against manufacturer’s defects. Our warranty does not cover scratches on the lenses or on the Chrome Coating. If you should have a problem with any VonZipper Product, it can be resolved in 3 Easy Steps: STEP 1: Print and Complete the VonZipper Warranty Claim Form available at vonzipper.com. To process your request quickly, please include your proof of  purchase, day time phone and/or email, so that we can let you know the status of your warranty claim. STEP 2: Pack product in suitable packaging to make sure it is not damaged in shipping and ship it to us using a traceable source (i.e. UPS, Federal Express). VonZipper is not responsible for products lost or damaged in shipment. STEP 3: We will contact you when we have received your goods to let you know the status of your repair.