Shoei VFX-W Off-Road Helmet – Review Video

Shoei VFX-W Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet – Review Video

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Shoei Safety Helmet Corporation prides itself in producing the best helmets that technology will allow, and never before has that been more evident than with the all-new VFX-W.

The absolute pinnacle of all off-road helmets, the VFX-W is the result of countless hours of conceptualization, R&D, and testing with the most hard-nosed critics of allóour professional racing team.

Drenched with state of the art new features, no stone was left unturned during its development. With safety, performance, comfort, and styling all critical factors, the VFX-W is perfect in every detail, as it ushers in the future of helmet technology with the type of quality that only Shoei is known for.

AIM+ Shell Construction

* Shoei’s proprietary AIM+ technology. This process combines fiberglass with organic fibers that are so strong that they can only be cut with a laser. The end result is a stronger, lighter shell that will absorb and distribute the force of an impact safely and efficiently

Dual-Layer EPS Liner Ventilation System

* Dual layer liner yields enhanced impact absorption by adjusting thickness and density in key areas
* Inner liner features air channels for efficient cooling
* Impact-absorbing EPS liner throughout the entire chin bar

V-430 “Sleek” Visor

* Developed by Shoei’s sponsored riders
* Lengthened for additional protection from sun and roost
* Adjustment slot lengthened for greater versatility
* Plastic hardware is utilized for easier visor breakaway during impact
* Includes a matte black strip to reduce glare

3D Max-Dry Liner System

* Polyurethane foam pads are three dimensionally formed for a perfect fit
* Proprietary synthetic fiber absorbs and exhausts sweat 2X faster than conventional nylon
* Liner is removable, adjustable, and washable

Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS)

* Mechanical tabs disengage cheek pads for easy removal by emergency medical personnel
* Helmet can be removed with minimum load to rider in emergency situations

Ventilation System

* Improved air intakes are located in mouthpiece, forehead, and through scoops directing air into EPS liner
* Seven exhaust ports dispel hot air from the rear of the helmet
* Vent openings are covered by wire mesh to prevent dirt from entering liner

“Sleek” Mouthpiece

* Wire mesh screen helps prevent roost from entering the mouthpiece
* A strip of AIM+ shell material reinforces mesh screen and helps to reduce chances of larger intrusions
* Sleek mouthpiece directs cooling air through a removable and washable foam filter

5 Year Warranty

* 5 Year Warranty From Purchase Date, 7 Year Warranty From Helmet Manufacture Date (whichevercomes first)

Accessories Included

* Includes Mud Guard, Adjustment Plate, Anti-Glare Visor Sticker (included on all colors except Black and Matte Black) & Nylon Drawstring Helmet Bag

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