AGV T-2 Helmet – Review Video I

AGV T-2 Helmet – Review Video

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The AGV T-2 is new for 2010.  It’s one of two helmets in the AGV “Race” category and it uses many of the high-tech features of the AGV GP-Tech.  It has excellent ventilation and build quality; a composite shell in three sizes similar to the GP-Tech; and a mix-and-match liner system to dial in the perfect fit.

The AGV T-2 is new for 2010 and it has attracted a lot of interest among webBikeWorld readers who have been clamoring for a review.

The T-2 incorporates many of the features of the AGV GP-Tech, the company’s top-of-the-line helmet. The T-2 uses the Carbon/Kevlar/Fiberglass “SSL” (Super Super Light) composite shell developed for the GP-Tech, along with other features I’ll describe.

The T-2 seems to be an evolution that also combines some of the styling and features of the AGV K-3 and the AGV Stealth. AGV said that the T-2 was “designed to be used on track and for longer journeys on the street” and it does seem to blend the best elements of both.

It also has a new internal shape, developed through some 3D computer-aided-design studies that AGV conducted of riders’ heads. The three shell sizes that span the size range are a new feature for AGV for this type of helmet and each shell size is available with mix-and-match liners and cheek pads to dial in the perfect fit.

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