Chatterbox GMRSX1- Instructional Video II

Chatterbox X1- Instructional Video
How to connect Chatterbox to your cellphone.

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The GMRSX1 is our most powerful communicator. It has a large illuminated display, and is VOX (voice activated) or PTT (push-to-talk) with full duplex wired intercom (passenger headset and extension cable sold separately). It also features mobile phone and audio (music, navigation, and radar) inputs with auto-mute, in a tough water resistant casing.

The GMRSX1 also comes with Hi-Fidelity speakers and noise-suppression microphones. The X-series are powered by our high capacity, built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery that lasts for up to more than 8-10 hours of use and 20 hours of standby. The GMRSX1 has an increased range of up to 5 miles and has 15 channels/38 talk groups.

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