Oakley’s Axis of Polarization

Oakley's Axis of Polarization

We’ve all been blinded by glare. And it’s never good. That’s why Oakley’s ultra-precise filter orientation makes sure glare won’t slow you down. When it comes to cutting glare, it’s all about your angles. Experience better eyewear orientation and less glare with a pair of Oakley polarized lenses, truly the best glare-reducing lenses in the world.


Industry standard

Industry Standards

Industry standards for polarized filters require that polarizing filters are to be fitted in the frame so that the plane of polarization does not deviate from the horizontal direction by more than five degrees, and the difference between the left and right filters cannot be greater than six degrees.


Oakley standard

Oakley Polarized Filters

Oakley polarized filters are aligned with a far superior degree of accuracy: within 2 degrees from the horizontal plane and virtually identical, left to right.


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