Answer Racing Motocross – Promo Video II

Answer Racing Motocross – Promo Video
Answer Racing Commercial – featuring Michael Byrne, Tara Geiger, David Vuillemin and Ryan Dungey.

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30 Years of Motocross Innovation.

With roots that stretch back to 1976, Answer Racing is no newcomer to the dynamic sport of motocross. Since it’s inception, Answer Racing has led the way with innovative products, inspired and developed by some of the world’s top athletes.

Fueled by our passion for motocross and desire to stay on the cutting edge of function, style and design, we’ve dedicated the past 15 months to creating an all-new Answer Racing. Everything you’ll find within the pages that follow is new. Brand new. Take everything you thought you knew about Answer Racing and toss it out the window. The new Answer is bigger, better and badder than before. Unrivaled attention to detail, unsurpassed quality, and innovative styles and designs will set Answer Racing’s 2005 line of apparel, helmets and accessories apart from the rest.

Welcome to the new Answer…


Answer Products was founded over 25 years ago, and from the start, the goal has been to produce the most technically advanced products available. This aspiration continues to be the driving force behind every product Answer manufactures, from high-performance Manitou suspension forks, to lightweight and durable Answer components, to the Answer line of shoes and gloves.

Racing has always been one of the most important aspects to achieving this goal. In the early days, it was motocross riders like Bob “Hurricane” Hannah and Donnie Hanson. Today, the world’s best mountain bike riders and teams use our products in competition. Last year, we won races in every discipline, with the highlight being double gold at the World Championships.

Why is racing so important to Answer? Because we feel racing is the ultimate R&D testing ground for our products. In fact, the majority of our technological developments have resulted from our racing efforts. We wouldn’t have it any other way. The drive to create high-performance products also starts at home. Answer employees are first and foremost enthusiasts who treat riding bicycles as serious business. We are dedicated to making products that improve your riding. We feel we have again put together an unrivaled line of bicycle products for 2003, and we’re confident you’ll agree.

Answer Racing has strived to create the most innovative line of racing apparel available. Over the years, Answer has aligned itself with some of the best motocross racers the world had to offer. Premier athletes like Bob Hannah, Johnny O’Mara, Mike Kiedrowski, Micky Diamond, Jeff Stanton and Larry Ward wrote motocross history in Answer gear.

For 2004, Answer Racing is set to introduce the most potent line of gear we have ever created. Introducing our three new levels of gear: the ASX, the EMX and the Team X. Why rename the line? Why not! Our newest offerings are rethought and reengineered for the motocross stars of the future.

Founder Eddie Cole started Answer Racing in 1976 with a vision. A vision to provide hardcore MX enthusiasts with products they can trust. Many years have past since then, but we at Answer have not lost site of the original goal. Whether you are a die hard racer, or a weekend warrior, Answer Racing has you covered. At Answer we believe that protection and looking like a Pro are one in the same.

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