Arai Corsair V Full-Face Helmet – Review Video III

Arai Corsair V Full-Face Helmet – Review Video

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Arai continues decades of focused devotion to the evolution of helmet design, advancing the art of the purpose of building a better helmet for riders.

Features and Benefits

  • Exclusive, adjustable new AirWing is designed to greatly reduce drag, turbulence and buffeting
  • The vent cowls, which are “sculpted” into the rear-shell shape, exhausts heat more efficiently, and works with the AirWing to greatly add lateral stability at speed
  • The peripheral Belt extends across the forehead area of the shell above the eye opening. It enhances the structural integrity while still maintaining flexibility, low weight, and shell size
  • The most advanced SNC (Structural Net Composite) shell construction
  • Shell is compact and aerodynamic
  • 10mm wider eyeport opening (5mm each side) further enhancing the rider’s peripheral vision
  • The new Series “I” faceshield looks like a continuation of the shell and requires two small sliders just in front of the side-pods to keep the shield from contacting the helmet’s upper shell when raised
  • Hyper-Ridge flares out instead of in, making it easier to get on than inward-curving shell bottoms.
  • The Hyper-Ridge reinforcement band circles the bottom of the shell, adding shell strength, contributing to a better overall balance and making the helmet rest easier on the rider’s head
  • The DF-10 diffuser has enhanced air inlets to increase airflow efficiently. It also adds a new second air-intake slot in the middle of the diffuser body to create a higher venture effect and further increase the venting of stale air faster
  • The new brow-vent sends incoming air to the temple instead of to the face. It directs air to the ear area missed by many helmet ventilation systems
  • The Dry-Cool Liner has repositioned the rear mounting-snaps closer to the liner bottom for a more secure fit
  • The neckroll is now removable and replaceable, and adds an additional exhaust vent through its bottom via shallow channels in the EPS liner, adding yet another ventilation outlet for the removal of interior air
  • Arai’s Emergency-Release Cheek Pad System is designed to slide out easily with the use of integrated pull-tabs. This makes removing the helmet much easier for trained medical technicians helping an injured rider

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