Arai Corsair V – Arai RX-7 GP Helmet – Review Video

Arai Corsair V – Arai RX-7 GP Helmet – Review Video

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Reserved for those riders with no reservations about wanting the best, the absolute state of the art as only Arai can do it.

This is it, the one helmet thst stands at the pinnacle of disign, fit, and comfort. Improvements and annovations that extend to the smallest details. Built with one goal: to please the advance rider, and racer, who knows the difference, who’s worn other helmets, who knows what they lack, and refuses to settle for less anymore. In a world in which few if any of us can ever own the best of something, the Corsair-V is your chance.

DF-10 Diffuser
Offers enhanced air inlets to incase airflow efficiency ever better than its predecessor. A new middle intake slot creats more negative pressure “pull” for ever faster venting of state air. Larger upper vent toggles work with thick gloves, and the center Top Vent is re-sculpted for more air intake.

Peripheral Belting
Created by Arai for its latest Formula-1 helmets, the belt goes acroos the shell’s forehead area just above the eyeport opening, further enhancing the helmet’s stuctural integrity while still maintaining exceptional flexibility and low weight. The Belt is incorporated into Arais SNC (Stuctural Net Composite) shell construction to create the top-of-the-line PB-SNC shell.

Wider Eyeport
The 10mm-wider opening (5mm per side) enhances peripheral virsion and the felling of “openness” inside the helmet. The wider opening the uses Arai’s “SAI” series faceshield that also fits so flush that it looks almost like a continuation of the shell.

Latest-Generation Dry-Cool Liner
Distinguished by its silver-grey color, Arai’s Dry Cool liner has respositioned the rear mounting-snaps closer to the liner bottom for a more secure fit.

Removable/Replacement Vented Neckroll
Noe removable and repleceable, it adds yet another state-interior-air exhaust outlet thought via channels in the EPS liner, not to mention making complete helmet cleaning a breeze and, in the case of damage, a snap to replace.

Patented Air Wing
Arai’s exclusive, adjustable Air Wing is designed to greatly reduce drag, turbulance and buffeting.It provides unprecedented aerodynamic performance options via five hand-adjustable “attack angle” positions from full-truck racing to upright riding.

Emergency Cheekpad Release System
This now-copied groundbreaking Arai safety innovation was specifically developed to allow easier access to an injured rider by sliding out easily, making helmet removal easier for trained medical personnel. (giving you a real idea of where Arai’s priorities lie).

Outward-Flaring Hyper-Ridge
The outward flaring produces a larger opening that makes for easier on-off. (Arai hopes this will make it easierfor more riders to choose the right size helmet inthe smallest shell possible.) The Hyper-Ridge reinforcement band circles the bottom of the shell, adding shell strength, and lowering the helmets center of gravity which contributes to better overall balance, making the helmets rest easier on your head.

Brow-Vent Channeling
The Corsair-V’s Brow-vent inner ducts redirect incomming air to the temlpets instead of forehead, and around the ear area (missed by many helmets ventalation system). The state air is the extracted out the side exhaust cowls. The airflow over the templete artery reportedly also helps cool the blood flow to the brain area. This simple re-purposing of two existing vent features greatly improves helmets performance and rider comfort.

Compact Organic Shell Shape
Even more compact and aerodynamic that the original Corsair’s. It fits the human head shapes more closely, so it looks better in the wind.

Noise-Absorbing Ear-Pad Foam
Blocks more noise from reaching your ears.While not a Wow! advancement, it’s the kind devoted to making you more comfortable in an Arai- not to making headlines. The result: Corsair-V owner feedback has proven this small attention to detail has had noticeable, positive impact on their satisfaction.

Side-Vent Exhaust Ports
Offers enhands air inlets to increase airflow efficiency even better than its predecessor. A new middle-intake slot creates more negative pressure “pull” for even faster venting of stale air. Larger upper vent toggles work with thick gloves, and the center Top Vent is re-sculpted for more air intake). This is a 2010 Model.

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