Arai RX-7 GP Helmets – Review Video V

Arai RX-7 GP Helmets – Review Video

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The new Arai RX-7 GP racing helmet offers features that have never before been available on any other helmet. It is the result of Arai’s pursuit of perfection in which all the considerable knowledge, experience and know how of Arai is concentrated.

Stability of the RX-7 GP is improved thanks to the adjustable Air Wing, reducing drag, turbulence and buffeting. The new Diffuser Type 10 increases airflow efficiency considerably for more efficient interior ventilation and lower noise levels. The ‘’PB SNC” outer shell for instance is completely new with the Peripheral Belt offering incredible rigidity and strength to the already immensely strong SNC (Structural Net Composite) Super Fibre shell construction. With the RX-7 GP Arai has once more set the standard in the premium helmet class.

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