Arai RX-7 Helmets – Care and Maintenance Video II

Arai RX-7 Helmets – Care and Maintenance Video

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In Arai’s world, every model is of the same quality, built to the same standards. yet even in this world of Arai equals, the RX-7 series is unique. It is our flagship model. The leader. The providing ground for many of our newest ideas. The best example of how the best of everything can fit together. And, many would argue, the Arai model most copied by other makers.

The original RX-7RR was the first motorcycle helmet with top-mounted air diffusers. (How many would you say there are today?) The diffusers were a result of Arai’s heavy Formula-1 world auto racing involvement. As such, the first RX-7RR was intended as a road-racing model.

Over time, however, the RX-7 series has evolved into as much of a street helmet as a racing one, while still being the launching pad for many Arai innovations.

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