Icon – Promo Video III

Icon – Promo Video
ICON – Cool Hero Pan Shots

Icon’s top riders are back in town doing what they do best. Featuring Britton, Hoenshell, Apex, and Edub. BTW – Pay close attention and you’ll get a sneak peak at the upcoming Icon gear release.

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From the Street – For the Street.

That’s what Icon is all about. Pure performance for real world situations. Were not interested in some candy-ass, euro-styled road racing outfit. Were all about stoplight to stoplight, corner to corner, here to there riding. That’s it. Straight up. And that’s what drives us to create the most innovative products available for street riding. Its what gets us out of bed in the morning and keeps us up at night, its what we do, its who we are.


Icon is known for conceiving and producing unique motorcycle gear and accessories. Never content to produce “Me, Too” products, Icon strives to create better products in function, fit and styling for the motorcycle consumer.

The Mainframe helmet is a good example of Icon’s commitment to quality. An outstanding helmet in every way, the Icon Mainframe is designed for street riding in every climate and any situation. The most unique feature of the Mainframe is the venting system. The Mainframe’s venting even surpasses the mark set by its predecessor, the Alliance, which has been hailed by owners and testers as one of the best-ventilated helmets available. Consider the heat of a ride in the middle of August and you’ll understand why good ventilation is so important.

The Mainframe has a two-stage venting built into one actuator. The venting is closed at the forward position for cold weather riding. When things warm up, push the actuator back one notch to open the venturi channels for the first stage of venting. Push it back to the last notch and the venturi channels stay open and it also opens a direct venting port into the scalp area. The Mainframe, like the Alliance, features a quiet neck ring system, but also has a removable cheek pad system to facilitate washing and custom sizing.

While the Mainframe and the Alliance both feature a dual-density styrene liner, the Mainframe is the only helmet in the world with a recess built into the styrene liner to accommodate speakers. This is a great feature for touring riders, many of whom have had to struggle to fit speakers into their helmets. These speakers could be for either communications systems or music. Remind your customers to review local laws to confirm whether music and/or communications speakers are legal, as the laws vary by state.

Another feature of the Mainframe helmet is the new Rubatone finish. This flat, or matte-colored paint has a rubber texture that is far more scratch resistant than standard flat paint. It also resists fingerprints. The Mainframe also features an all-new fiberglass/Dyneema shell.

Uniquely Icon in looks, the Mainframe’s styling is all its own, with a sleek front and jutting rubber exhaust ports in the rear. It is Snell M2000- and DOT approved.

Our Motto:

To most people it’s just a road. A strip of asphalt, a way to get from here to there. To Icon, the streets of our country represent freedom. They are the facilitators of our gasoline empowered lifestyle. They are both the divine inspiration and the glorious end-game. “From the streets – For the streets” is more than just a tag line – it is the embodiment of our soul.

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