Oakley Elite Assault Boot Men’s Military Duty Footwear

Price: $500.00

Oakley Elite Assault Boot Men's Military Duty Footwear

When the U.S. Elite Special Forces needed footwear for assault missions, they came to Oakley. The lives of these soldiers depend on their gear, and there can be no greater compliment to a company’s dedication to performance technology.

The military put Oakley’s design through the punishment of endless marches, fast-rope helicopter insertions and low-altitude parachute jumps. Every specification had to exceed the combat performance profile for durability, comfort and protection. After testing in urban, mountain, desert, snow and jungle environments, the boot was deemed worthy of the U.S. Elite Special Forces. A high-performance variant of this military hardware was made available to the general public.

The idea behind the Elite family is to exceed “the best” in order to achieve the ultimate. Put simply, we wanted to make a design that could take soldiers to hell and back. The new Elite Assault Boot answers that wish with everything we envisioned and more.

Price: $500.00
11141-001-8-0 – Oakley – Elite Assault Boot – Black – Size 8.0 – $500.00
11141-001-9-0 – Oakley – Elite Assault Boot – Black – Size 9.0 – $500.00
11141-001-10-0 – Oakley – Elite Assault Boot – Black – Size 10.0 – $500.00
11141-001-11-0 – Oakley – Elite Assault Boot – Black – Size 11.0 – $500.00
11141-001-12-0 – Oakley – Elite Assault Boot – Black – Size 12.0 – $500.00