Revo Discern Titanium Metal Sunglasses

Price: $249.00

Revo Discern Titanium Metal Sunglasses
  • Serilium Lenses – The purest form of polycarbonate known to man. Serillium lenses are one of the only materials capable of withstanding high-velocity impact from objects like gravel. To top it off, our Serillium lenses are infused wtih Revo’s Polarcast technology.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating – A lens coating that eliminates the light that is reflected off the inside of a lens from the surrounding environment.
  • Element Shed – An exclusive lens that ensures virtually anything will roll right off the surface of your lens. The sweat off your brow, the oil on your fingers, and the dirt flying at you won’t find refuge on nyour lenses. It simply keeps your lenses cleaner, longer.
  • Revo Polarcast – Revo’s proprietary polarization technology. It blocks glare that’s being reflected off flat surfaces like water, snow, and the road.
  • Motion-Fit – Our patented Motion-Fit design positions your sunglasses to ideal locations on your nose and ears. This creates a fit that is free of unwanted pressure points. Unlike our competitors, our Motion-Fit frames are designed around our lenses and not the other way around. All of this delivers optical clarity from any angle, reduced eyestrain, and a very comfortable fit.
  • Titanium – Lightweight yet strong, Revo Titanium frame offer unparalleled durability and all-around comfort matched with standout style.
  • Spring Hinges – Revo frames come equipped with specially designed spring or cam-action hinges, which allow for a secure yet comfortable fit for any face shape and size.
  • Stem Socks/Pads – Comfortable stem socks or pads provide a secure fit that increases their grip when active.
  • Adjustable Nose Pad – Using a soft, form fitting material, our nose pads are fully adjustable so you can experience acustoized fit.
  • Light Transmission – Our lenses allow for the following percent of light to pass through: Graphite – 13%, Bronze – 13%, Cobalt – 17%
  • Graphite Lenses – The most neutral of our lenses, which allows for the truest color. Graphite is great general purpose lens and works well for activities like cycling and climbing. Additionally, Graphite is best for bright sunlight. Light transmission 13%
  • Bronze Lenses – Bronze lenses provide the most contrast enhancement and work well in bright sunlight. Bronze is ideal for golf, water sports, and general activities. Light transmission 13%
  • Cobalt Lenses – Cobalt lenses work well in all conditions and has a neutral profile that blocks out more blue light, making it a great lens for water applications. The lighter transmission makes it an ideal golf lens too, that can also be used in slightly overcast conditions, Light transmission 17%

Price: $249.00
RE8000-01 – Revo – Discern Titanium – Polished Black/Graphite – $249.00
RE8000-02 – Revo – Discern Titanium – Pewter/Graphite – $249.00
RE8000-03 – Revo – Discern Titanium – Titanium/Cobalt – $249.00