One Industries Rockstar Trooper 2 Helmets

Price: $345.00

One Industries Rockstar Trooper 2 Helmets

The mind is a rider’s strongest asset on the bike as it calculates inputs and executes outputs. Like any computer, the mind needs to be protected and kept cool. Additionally, an uncomfortable and ill-fitting lid detracts from the tasks and challenges at hand. The Trooper 2 helmet represents the next level of high-performance motocross helmets while incorporating the latest technology and comfort-enhancing features.

  • Kevlar-reinforced fiberglass shell provides a lightweight feel
  • Removable moisture-wicking Savoire suede liner system for added comfort
  • Oversized visor screws for easy adjustment
  • Integrated flat bottom surface to provide better contact with neck braces
  • Wide eyeport for increased visibility and goggle fitment
  • Dual exhaust vents allow hot, humid air to escape
  • Expanded ventilation chambers for the coolest helmet environment, available in motocross
  • Exceeds Shell M2005 and DOT standards
  • Replacement parts available

Damage such as hairline cracks may not be readily visible and may occur. If your helmet suffers a severe blow or is damaged by usage or rough handling, it must be replaced. Use a solution of mild soap or detergent and warm water to clean your helmet and visor. Dry at room temperature and never expose to excessive heat. You must not subject the helmet to strong sunlight in an enclosed area such as the back shelf of a vehicle. WARNING: The helmet can be seriously damaged by some common substances without damage being visible to the user. Do not print or apply stickers, petrol or solvents. This is a 2011 Model.

Price: $345.00
80061-001-050 – One Industries – Rockstar – Black – X-Small – $345.00
80061-001-051 – One Industries – Rockstar – Black – Small – $345.00
80061-001-052 – One Industries – Rockstar – Black – Medium – $345.00
80061-001-053 – One Industries – Rockstar – Black – Large – $345.00
80061-001-054 – One Industries – Rockstar – Black – X-Large – $345.00
80061-001-055 – One Industries – Rockstar – Black – 2X-Large – $345.00