Troy Lee Designs CP 5900 Adult Roost Guard

Price: $169.00

Troy Lee Designs CP 5900 Adult Roost Guard

The ultimate chest protector specifically developed to integrate with industry leading Leatt neck brace without compromising fit, protection or rider safety. Exclusively designed to allow Leatt neck braces to nest properly against a rider’s chest and back. Tested by top pros and elite amateurs, our innovative patent pending design gives riders the power to choose from multiple configurations for customized comfort and fit, unobstructed motion, and unprecedented protection. In other words, the 5955 sets a new standard in the Moto industry.


  • Shock Doctor technology
  • Neck brace integration patent-pending design is compatible with leading neck braces without compromising fit and protection
  • Vent-trak circulates air through flexible channel over the skin surface to cool the rider
  • Over 50 configurations adapt to rider preference for custom fit and protection
  • Low profile design eliminates bulk to fit under or over jersey
  • Hinged chest design provide extended rib coverage, better fit and maintains proper positioning in crash situations
  • Vented soft-yoke connection between front and back plates offers unprecedented fit and comfort
  • Covers the chest, ribs, back, clavicle, shoulders and upper arms. Convenient strap locations and integrated fast-lock buckles for easy function
  • Patent pending
  • 2012 Model

Price: $169.00
5203-0109 – Troy Lee Designs – CP 5900 – White – Medium – $169.00
5203-0110 – Troy Lee Designs – CP 5900 – White – Large – $169.00
5203-0209 – Troy Lee Designs – CP 5900 – Black – Medium – $169.00
5203-0210 – Troy Lee Designs – CP 5900 – Black – Large – $169.00