New IVI Eyewear Brand Coming Soon

Logo for IVI

This spring, fashion merges with action sports as a new eyewear brand, IVI (pronounced as ‘eye-vee’) is launched into the market. Despite the so many good brands in the market, a leader in the industry has seen the need to fill the big gap between action sport eyewear and fashion eyewear.

IVI is a brainchild of a powerful team spearheaded by Pete Fox, CEO of Fox Head Inc. Despite being a success already with Fox Eyewear, he has found it challenging to start a new brand. Pete Fox sees a totally different growth for IVI in terms of design aesthetics, marketing directions, and the targeted customers.

Pete Fox, Rob Dyrdek, and Jerome Mange

Skateboard mogul and television star Rob Dyrdek partners with Pete Fox and is credited for the name of the new brand. For the last few years, he has been trying to develop a sunglass line and meeting Pete Fox gave him the perfect chance to make it happen. He will be integrating IVI into Fantasy Factory: Season 5 and showcasing the glasses on every show. In addition Rob Dyrdek will be sponsoring Street League Pros and collaborating IVI with his other brands.

The third key role in Team IVI is filled by Jerome Mage as the lead designer. He has been a significant figure in shaping the vision of the action sports market and collaborating with key brands such as Burton, Analog, Shift MX, and Spy Optic. This time, he continues to be significant in making an eyewear design that has an iconic quality, combining simple and classic lines with unique features and details.

Daran Godfrey



To perfect the team is Daran Godfrey who shall be the Global Director of Sales. Daran Godfrey has had more than 18 years experience in action sports / lifestyle. He had formerly spent six years with Luxottica and Oakley and was behind the creation of the Lux Sport Division which included Arnette, Ray-Ban and Revo. When Luxottica and Oakley merged, he led sales in the creation of the Icon Sports Division and transitioning and integrating these brands into Oakley’s Foothill Ranch facility as Icon Sports Division Sales Director.

With such passionate men of great expertise in the sunglasses field, IVI is a brand worth looking forward to. IVI Eyewear products will be representing an elevation in street and skate inspired fashion and lifestyle.