Virus Stay Cool Men’s Sleeveless Functional Fit V-Neck Shirt

Price: $36.99

Virus Stay Cool Men's Sleeveless Functional Fit V-Neck Shirt

Athletic non-compression fit made for use when you want to stay cool and but want to have comfort. Works well in and out of water and dry’s fast. Keeps you cool and dry with increased flow of air. Good UV protection in a great feeling fabric.

COOL JADE has been developed to reduce skin surface temperature for use in high temperature – resulting in a reduction of 6-10°F or 2°C. Made by recycled Jade shavings, this natural substance has been used in jewelry for centuries with in adverse affect on the skin.

UV SHIELD technology focuses on the prevention of the damaging spectrum of sun rays from contact with the skin. SPF ranges from 30-50 protection from our YV shield technology is achieved with our fabric construction and not through artificial or chemical applications.

QUICK DRY begins with the formula of our fabrics. We carefully design fabrics to inhibit the absorption of moisture. We then weave the yarn with microscopic funnels that allow wicking to flow moisture away from the skin. No chemical treatments or applications are used to achieve this feature.

ANTI-ODOR technology begins with selecting compounds to weave in our fabric that deters the growth of microbes that grow and emit noxious fumes. There is no artificial or chemical process in the treatment of our fabrics to achieve this feature. We strive to use natural, eco-friendly or recycled materials.

4-WAY STRETCH starts with the construction and design of our fabrics that allow for an effortless wide ranges of motion. Garment fabrication is then made to allow fabric stretch to flow throughout the seams – ensuring flexible radial stretch and optimal performance.

Price: $36.99
Co1-S – Virus – Stay Cool – White – Size: Small – $36.99
Co1-M – Virus – Stay Cool – White – Size: Medium – $36.99
Co1-L – Virus – Stay Cool – White – Size: Large – $36.99
Co1-XL – Virus – Stay Cool – White – Size: X-Large – $36.99
Co1-XXL – Virus – Stay Cool – White – Size: XX-Large – $36.99