Electric EG2.5 Adult R.I.D.S. Spherical Goggle

Price: $185.00

Electric EG2.5 Adult R.I.D.S. Spherical Goggle

Though snowboarding isn’t a team sport, does it mean a group of riders sharing a common thread should not unite? History has shown that all the great teams have come together and overcome the odds through each player’s specific contribution to the cause. However, remove those quirks and individualities and watch the lineup crumble before your very eyes. Take The A Team for instance: Strip B.A. Baracus of his gold chains and he’s an incoherent homeless man; deny Hannibal his cigars and his Alzheimer’s becomes strikingly obvious. Realizing the sensitivity of such a dynamic, Electric is proud to introduce the Rider Inspired Design Series; patterns, embellishments and colorways that are unique to our team of professionals. From Pat Moore’s locally inspired “Live Free or Die” motto, to Andreas’ imagery of Viking mercilessness, the overtones of manhood are unmistakable. Meanwhile, as Iikka Backstrom was busy tracking some hunter camo, Tanner Rainville went for mellow trip to Zion and came back with a Rasta vibe. The girls opted for more of a candyland look in whimsical colors and paisley amoebas as seen in Cheryl Maas’ and Jamie Anderson’s models respectively. Bringing the team together to design goggles so strikingly different may seem a dichotomy of sorts, but in a sense it is a unifying compliment to these riders who have done so much together. If you know Electric, you shall rejoice in victory with the release of this collection of uniquely personal goggles.

Long is the history of a teams quest for glory, but a true winner is marked by their own personal triumphs… just look at Randy the Macho Man Savage. See the world through the eyes of a champion in Electric’s Rider Inspired Design Series.

More suited for smaller mugs, the EG2.5 doesn’t compromise any of the features of its big brother the EG2; possibly the clearest, widest field of vision goggle ever invented, designed with the essential more lens, less frame strategy.

  • Ergonomic Frame Design
  • Mold Injected Thermo-Plastic Urethane Frame
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Oversized Dual Spherical Polycarbonate Lens
  • Super Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch Hard Coating
  • Super A/R Coating Anti-Reflective Technology
  • Contoured Triple Layer Face Foam
  • 40mm Strap with Adjuster
  • Helmet Compatible Frame
  • Microfiber Goggle Bag Included
  • Exclusive Eye Black Treatment
  • Available With Polarized Lenses
  • 2012 Model

Price: $185.00
EG0712801-BGDC – Electric – EG2.5 R.I.D.S – Pat Moore/Bronze/Gold Chrome – $185.00
EG0712807-BSRC – Electric – EG2.5 R.I.D.S – Iikka Backstrom/Bronze/Silver Chrome – $185.00
EG0712808-BGDC – Electric – EG2.5 R.I.D.S – Jamie Anderson/Bronze/Gold Chrome – $185.00
EG0712810-BRDC – Electric – EG2.5 R.I.D.S – Parker White/Bronze/Red Chrome – $185.00