Oakley Paperclip Men’s Lifestyle RX Frame and Eyeglass

Price: $180.00

Oakley Paperclip Men’s Lifestyle RX Frame and Eyeglass

Sport fueled and street primed, this lifestyle frame of lightweight C-5; alloy lets you change your look and even carry the colors of your favorite team. PAPERCLIP comes with two sets of interchangeable icon/earstem inserts, and with a different color on each facing, they let you customize the frame with four different hues. The frame contour extends peripheral view while the UNOBTAINIUM inserts maintain a comfortable fit that stays in place.

Right out of the box, you’ll have four different color options for the interchangeable icons and earstem inserts, and you can get additional optional sets with even more colors. Five metal compounds are superheated and fused to create the C-5 alloy that makes this frame so durable and lightweight. PAPERCLIP is available in two sizes, and a collection specific case is included. Now that you’ve found style that speaks to you, match it with the best optics by rigging PAPERCLIP with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses.

Oakley is renowned for optical technology, our company’s innovations in frame architecture have always been the gold standard for precision, performance, durability and design. The latest Oakley breakthrough is a hinge mechanism that comes in two forms: MONO SHOCK and TWIN SHOCK, developed for Rx eyewear and sunglasses. Inspired by pro racing, the structures are similar to leaf springs used for shock absorption. MONO SHOCK has a single ‘tine” (a slender projecting part, like the tines of a fork) that bridges the frame and the ear stem. TWIN SHOCK utilizes two.

Here are the key benefits:

Durability. The peerless architecture is sturdier than conventional hinges because no springs are used. Instead, the mechanism is a solid component that takes advantage of a durable yet lightweight alloy of titanium, a premium metal that resists corrosion.

Flexibility. Oakley formulated the alloy to be flexible. When you push an ordinary frame stem even a subtle distance beyond its normal open position, you risk breaking the hinge. With Oakley’s new design, the stem simply springs back to where it should be.

Comfort and fit. There is no inward pressure when the frame stems are in their normal open position. Subtle flexibility of the entire frame accommodates a wide range of head sizes.

Distinctiveness. This is a recognizable design feature, unique in its architecture and distinguishing in its simple beauty.


  • Constructed of light weight, durable C5 material
  • Interchangeable icon and socks
  • Includes 2 sets, 4 colors of reversible icon and socks
  • UNOBTAINIUM ear socks
  • 2 sizes
  • Collection specific case included

Size 53

  • Eye (A): 53
  • Bridge: 18
  • ED: 56.6
  • B: 33.6
  • Temple: 140

Size 55

  • Eye (A): 55
  • Bridge: 18
  • ED: 58.8
  • B: 35.1
  • Temple: 140

Price: $180.00
OX3114-0153 – Oakley – Paperclip – Satin Black – Size 53-18-140 – $180.00
OX3114-0155 – Oakley – Paperclip – Satin Black – Size 55-18-140 – $180.00
OX3114-0253 – Oakley – Paperclip – Pewter – Size 53-18-140 – $180.00
OX3114-0255 – Oakley – Paperclip – Pewter – Size 55-18-140 – $180.00
OX3114-0353 – Oakley – Paperclip – Light – Size 53-18-140 – $180.00
OX3114-0355 – Oakley – Paperclip – Light – Size 55-18-140 – $180.00
OX3114-0453 – Oakley – Paperclip – Chrome – Size 53-18-140 – $180.00
OX3114-0455 – Oakley – Paperclip – Chrome – Size 55-18-140 – $180.00