Product Update : Virus Action Sports Performance Coming Soon to Motorhelmets

Motorhelmets  would soon be offering the various series of apparel from Virus Action Sports Performance.  From material to performance, Virus considers every need called for by action sports in making their apparel.  With the use of technology and research, they came up with very natural material and chemical-free treatment to achieve the purpose of every garment for a particular sport while giving no adverse effect to the skin. Each of the clothes comes with various icons to indicate its special features.

Below are the icons and what they stand for:


Cool JadeTM  – Natural cooling element

Recycled jade shavings are used in order to reduce heat in the skin surface by 6-10 0F. Virus clothing with this technology are greatly recommended when doing action sports in high temperature or when the body is working out its most.


Coffee CharTM – Heat Trap Made with Recycled Coffee

By insulating and trapping heat, recycled coffee can raise surface temperature by 10 0F when it comes in contact with the skin. Virus clothes adapting this technology are best suited when doing action sports in cold weather and at low atmospheric temperature.

   Bioceramic  = Rejuviantative and Recovery Compound

Mineral compounds mined from the depths of the ocean are utilized to help muscles and nerves to recover and regenerate faster thus counteracting fatigue and fighting off arthritis. The organic compounds also acts as an antioxidant to help relieve toxicities in the body.


The following features are also added to give more comfort and protection:


Seamless – No Seams for Sensitive Area to reduce skin irritation

Bamboo Char – gives additional soft feel

Heat Trap – keeps heat in and moisture out

UV Shield – SPF 30-50 prevents damage from the sun

Quick Dry – the fabric are designed to inhibit absorption of moisture and has a special technology for keeping moisture to flow away from the skin

Anti Odor – Compounds in the fabric inhibits growth of bacteria that produces noxious fumes

Two Way Stretch – Gives better support and flexibility for strenuous repetitive radial motion

4 Way Stretch  – Gives optimal stretch to allow a 360 Degree range of motion such that a wide range of motion can be done effortlessly