Product Update: Electric Visual Offers Eyewear with Melanin Lens

Electric Visual proudly announces availability of Melanin Lens.

Electric Melanin Lens

The Melanin lens ID has been laser etched into the top right corner of the lens (when worn) for easy identification.

Sunlight can be very damaging to the skin, especially to the very sensitive thin skin along the eye area. Electric Visual technological advancement utilizes Melanin, a natural pigment also found in abundance the human body, to filter two of the most damaging components of sunlight – UV and Blue light.

Aside from being a natural defense against the harmful effect of the sun, Melanin also improves clarity and preserves color perception, gives the eyes a ‘relaxed’ feeling and helps in prolonging the retina’s health.

Melanin will also be incorporated in Level I and Level II Polycarbonated Polarized Lens. All of Electric’s Level Polycarbonated Polarized Lens now comes standard with melanin and thus providing the following benefits:

1. Glare reduction
2. Relaxed Eye feeling
3. True Color Perception
4. Scratch resistance

Electric Polarized Lens
This polarized lens ID has been laser etched into the top right corner of the lens (as worn)

For Electric’s Level II Polycarbonated Polarized Lens, it will be a combination of Level I lens together with Flash mirror, Anti-Reflection coating and Oleophobic (Anti-Smudge) performance coatings.

Electric’s Level III Mineral Glass Polarized has remained the same.