Product Update: 6D Helmets Coming Soon to Motorhelmets

February 2013 marks a major event in the helmet world. Finally, after 55 years of having not much innovation on EPS, a breakthrough has been made by two former racers who decided to take safety into their own hands. Only recently did they introduce to the market a revolutionized helmet that out-performs the multi-density EPS. With much research and extensive testing being done, Bob Weber and Robert Reisinger have finally achieved their goal to provide a helmet that doesn’t simply rely on larger shells or more foams but something that can manage critical angular acceleration issues and reduce low-threshold energy transfer to the brain in all occasions of impact. After all who’d understand it better than guys who have been out on the field.

6D Helmets, the company founded by Bob and Robert, had recently launched the 6D ATR-1 helmet which incorporates the Omni Directional Suspension (ODS) technology, a patent pending kinetic energy management solution. Watch the video below to better visualize the kind of protection 6D helmets can offer :