Product Ad Poster (Feb.2014) : Shop Arai Racer Signet-Q Helmet

Shop Arai Racer Signet-Q Motorcycle Sport Racing Helmet at! for (Only $674.96) 10% off on all Arai Helmets.
Arai racer signet
Helmet Features:

– slightly longer front to back length than RX-Q for true “Long Oval” fit
– Larger eye port opening as found on Corsair V, RX-Q and Vector-2
– Comes equipped with SAI MAX VISION “Brow Vent” Pinlock ready shield and Pinlock insert for larger fog free viewing area
– Interior liner comes with 5mm “peel-away pads” to allow micro-fit without purchasing additional liners
– New “FCS”(Facial Coutour Support) cheeck pads adds innovative and exclusive spring support for added comfort and custom fit
– FCS cheek pads also feature the 5mm peel-away micro fit feature
– Uniquely-designed lower Hyper-ridge circles the lower shell and provides additional strength
– Has a removable neck roll and Emergency Cheek Pad Removal System Meets or exceeds DOT and SNELL 2010 standards
– 2013 Model

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