Product Ad Poster (March 2014) : Kabuto Solid Adult Aeroblade III Helmet

Save 10% off the Kabuto Solid Adult Aeroblade III Street Racing Motorcycle Helmet, now available for only $314.96! (Retails at $349.95)
kabuto solid aeroblade helmet 2014
Developed in a wind tunnel, with lightweight composite construction, and designed for all day comfort, the Aeroblade III is loaded with features. Sharing the same SAF quick-change shield from the FF-5V—with an included PINLOCK anti-fog lens insert—makes riding in any weather as close to fog-free as it gets. When the temperature rises a COOLMAX interior and adjustable ventilation with side outlet trim will keep you cool and is easily removed for cleaning. Patented Wake Stabilizer anti-buffeting technology allows high speed and long distance riding without the fatigue of fighting the wind.

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