Product Ad Poster (April 2014): Arai Streak RX-Q Helmet

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2014 Arai Streak RX-Q Sports Racing Motorcycle Helmet
Helmet Features:

– Completely new helmet based on Corsair V shell
– Same wider eyeport opening as Corsair V
– Same face shield as the Corsair V
– Intermediate Oval Fit (same head shape as Quantum 2)
– Slightly different feel due to new cheek pads.
– New cheek pads come down further and cradle the head better.
– Made of a different density material which results in an extremely comfortable and quiet helmet
– Advanced ventilation
– Smaller, More Aerodynamic shell shape
– Hyper-Ridge circles lower shell to improve strength and aerodynamics
– Retractable chin spoiler
– Emergency Cheek Pad Removal system along with removable neck roll
– One piece bottom edge trim
– Race helmet for the street
– 5 unique size shells (XS, S, M/L, XL, XXL).
– Weight :1597 grams (3 lbs. 8-1/4 oz)
– Meets or exceeds SNELL 2010 and DOT specifications
-2014 Model

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