Product Ad Poster (July 2014): Shoei Inertia GT-Air Helmet

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Shoei Inertia GT-Air Helmet
Can you hear that? That’s the call of the open road. Few things in life can match the unbridled thrill of mounting your steed and spending the day exploring your surroundings while Mother Nature’s elements rush by. And though the unknown is often a welcomed part of the adventure, SHOEIs all-new GT-Air makes it easier to adapt to the ever-changing conditions that lie ahead. Features like the convenient flip-down internal sun shield, free-flowing yet easily adjustable ventilation system, superior aerodynamics, and Pinlock Anti-Fog System ensure greater comfort and thus more time in the saddle than ever before. So what are you waiting for? Answer the call of the open road in SHOEIs first internal sun shield-equipped full-face helmet the progressively stylish GT-Air.
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