Product Ad Poster (September 2014): Arai Black Frost CT-Z Cruiser Helmets

Checkout the New Arai Black Frost CT-Z Cruiser Helmets now only $548.96 (originally at $609.95) Available in

arai Black Frost CT-Z Cruiser helmet
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Arai’s new top of the line CT-Z helmet features the convenience of an open face helmet, and the safety of a Snell-rating.


– Removable and replaceable interior liners
– New cheekpad design is now more low-profile
– Upper vent system borrowed from the Arai Corsair V helmet
– Removable visor helps reduce sun glare and is designed to provide minimal lift at highway speeds
– Thinner faceshield pods increase aerodynamics
– Brow vents channel air direct to the temples
– Snell 2010 certified
– 2014 Model


We are allowed to ship Arai Helmets only to valid US addresses.

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