Motorhelmets Product Ad (May 2015): Shoei Borealis Neotec Helmet

New! Shoei Borealis Neotec Helmet

FOR ONLY : $677.69
You Save at least: $75.30 (10%)

Shoei Borealis Neotec Helmet


With the popularity of sport and adventure touring at an all-time high, the advancement of the incredibly versatile modular helmet segment was a must for SHOEI engineers. Though still a respected part of our 2012 helmet lineup, the Multitec’s modular design was used as a backbone, analyzed with scrupulous eyes, and tweaked ever so slightly to yield the most progressive flip-up helmet on the market today—the all-new Neotec. Boasting improved shell aerodynamics, a wider and taller field of vision, a reduction in wind noise, an internal sun shield, and a fully removable, washable and replaceable liner system, the Neotec is the next level of modular helmet design for today’s hybrid motorcyclists.

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