Motorhelmets Summer Bike Night 2016 Disrupted by Shooting Incident

Due to some unexpected incident which was beyond Motorhelmets management control, the Bike Night last Aug. 31, 2016 was shortened than its usual end time.

Here’s a video as reported by ABC7.

Here’s a copy of the written news released by ABC 7

By Greg Lee

Fullerton police are looking for whoever shot a man Wednesday night outside a gathering held at a popular motorcycle shop in Fullerton.

Police say a 50-year-old man was shot in the abdomen during a monthly bike event at Motorhelments, an apparel, parts and accessories store for motorcyclists.

The monthly event typically brings in about 300 bikers from different clubs, according to the store manager. Neighbors said the shop’s events often get noisy and take over the street, but they tolerate them because they are only once a month.

Police say there have been issues with previous events, including noise complaints, street racing, public drinking and drugs.

Store manager Ruben Nunez said even though the shooting happened across the street from the event, he apologizes to the community and he’s looking at private security for future gatherings.

“I hope they understand we’re just trying to conduct business,” Nunez said. “We’ve been doing it for eight years. We’ve never had issues like this.”



Motorhelmets Management however would like to bring attention to a few mistaken info in the news:

  1. The name of the store is Motorhelmets , not Motorhelments.
  2. The event is held 1-3 times a year. It’s not a monthly event.
  3. The incident happened outside the Motorhelmets location, across the street, near the residential apartments where “community problems” are not uncommon.
  4. If you were at the Motorhelmets event, like 95% of the visitors, it would have come as a complete surprise to hear that this even happened. Most people left the evening not knowing what happened.
  5. The shooting incident is very likely completely random and not related to the event that occured across the street.


Here are a few clips from the video by ABC7

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