Shield Maintenance

Face-Shield Care & Maintenance

Cleaning: HJC does not recommend cleaning any shield with spray on type chemical cleaners. A reaction between shield and cleaning chemical is highly possible, resulting in haze build-up and distortion. HJC recommends washing the shield with warm water and soft cloth only. We also recommend cleaning the shield as soon as possible after dirt and debris have accumulated. Do not let debris sit on the sheild for any extended period of time. If debris has accumulated over time, it is recommended to clean the shield in several applications. This allows the debris to weaken and break up with every application. Excessive rubbing can lead to scratching as the hard debris will act as a scuffing agent. The same can occur if low grade rigid paper towels are used.

Rain-X & other products: Applying RainX or other water dispersing type chemicals work well on HJC shields if applied on new shields and if the chemical companies directions are followed diligently. Always use extremely soft and clean cloths for applications. HJC RTS Mirrored Shields. HJC’s RST are extremely sensetive to handling. Use the same techinique as the regular HJC models with an added degree of caution and care. The RST treatement can be rubbed off if excessive pressure is applied while cleaning and the use of cleaners is guaranteed to destroy the mirror finish.HJC anti-fog treated shields (Treatment by MXL). HJC’s anti-fog treated shields are anti-fog coated both on the inside and outside. When the shield is removed from it’s packaging, activate the anti-fog by breathing directly on to all shield surfaces. The shield will immediately fog, let the fog clear and the shield is activated. You will notice if you breath on the shields again, it remains fog free. All anti fog shields need to be reactivated after cleaning.

Tear-off film: HJC recommends Paulson TA-1, .007 gauge tear-offs. To ensure a tight fit, we recommend tightening the cam posts to the outward most position and then installing the tear-offs one by one. Using more than 3 tear-offs might cause visual distortion.