KBC Speedster Matte FFR Modular Helmets

Original Price: $298.95
Price: $269.06 and Includes Free Ground Freight

KBC Speedster Matte FFR Modular Helmets - White/Red

The Modular, or Flip Front Helmet is a versatile design for high performance street and touring. The FFR is the ultimate multifunctional helmet and the most technically advanced offering from KBC. The patented MagCam System enables the chin bar to “slide, tuck and lock” into place with a lower profile enabling “open fac” riding at high speeds with no noticeable drag or lift, making the FFR fully functional with the face shield in the up or down position. High quality alloy and magnesium components provide smooth reliable operation and blends with the FFR’s unique styling to compliment any street bike, making it ideal for Touring, Cruising, or Sport riding. 


  • POWERCORE Shell constructed using an advanced alloy resin, resulting in a high energy absorption helmet
  • AIR-INTAKE VENTILATION SYSTEM(AiVS), permits efficient draw, circulation and venting of airflow for optimum comfort in all conditions
  • QUICK RELEASE VISOR PLUS(QRV+), optically correct, scratch resistant, anti-fog shield utilizes a tool-less QVR+ system and seals securely when closed to the helmet’s RIB system
  • DURALUX LINER, removable, washable, liner with customizable padding system
  • Meets or exceeds DOT standard
  • 2009 Model

Original Price: $298.95
Price: $269.06 and Includes Free Ground Freight
83-9890 – KBC Speedster Matte – White/Red – XSmall – $269.06
83-9891 – KBC Speedster Matte – White/Red – Small – $269.06
83-9892 – KBC Speedster Matte – White/Red – Medium – $269.06
83-9893 – KBC Speedster Matte – White/Red – Large – $269.06