Thor MX Force Protector Men’s Roost Deflector

Price: $149.95 – $189.95 and Includes Free Ground Freight

Thor MX Force Protector Men's Roost Deflector

Technically engineered solutions for impact coverage When you huck yourself around a motocross track, or blitz through the woods, you need protection. For over 40 years we’ve been providing riders with protective equipment that’s intelligently designed, thoughtfully engineered, and built to withstand the rigors of roost, rocks, and roots. This year, we’ve pushed the envelope even further and we encourage every rider to remember that motocross is a contact sport, so get yourself some coverage.

Engineered to meet the demands of professional riders Providing serious roost protection and coverage with style, the new and completely redesigned Force protector offers extensive coverage without restricting movement. Utilizing fully articulating front and back panels that naturally adjust to fit the contours of your torso, we’ve created the most comfortable roost guard we’ve ever produced. These fully hinged panels go way beyond what our competitors offer with their solid, or partially jointed panels. Of course the innovation doesn’t stop there… check out the removable shoulder caps that provide clearance for neck brace compatibility, the integrated ventilation system with oversized intake port on the chest panel lets air in, but keeps roost out, and the ratchet style closure system allows for precise fitment. Quite simply, the Force Protector continues to set the standard for others to follow..This is a new 2010 Model

Price: $149.95 – $189.95 and Includes Free Ground Freight
2701-0336 – Thor MX – Force Protector – Black/Silver – One size fits most – $149.95
2701-0337 – Thor MX – Force Protector – Red/Black – One size fits most – $149.95
2701-0338 – Thor MX – Force Protector – Blue/White – One size fits most – $149.95
2701-0335 – Thor MX – Force Protector – Rubatone Black – One size fits most – $169.95
2701-0339 – Thor MX – Force Protector – Illusion – One size fits most – $189.95