Arai Profile Full-Face Helmet – Review Video I

Arai Profile Full-Face Helmet – Review Video

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The Profile combines the newer shell design from the Corsair series with advancements in interior-shaping learned from the Quantum-2 model. The Profile’s shape was hand-sculpted by Arai craftsmen, not a computer. (Arai believes human hands create human solutions; computer create mathematical solutions. Our customers are human.)

Then, the hand-formed model is scanned by the most-advanced Laser Scanner technology to create a production model of the highest detail and with the tightest tolerances in Arai’s already-legendary history.

  • Long-oval fit
  • Brow Vent Faceshield Ventilation System provides cooling air in upper face area without holes in critical forehead area of the shell or in the impact-absorbing liner material
  • Optically-correct pre-formed faceshields-better vision, UV ray protection with less distortion
  • De-Mist Lock faceshield tab pushes forward to open the shield slightly-help clear fogging
  • Removable Breathguard-reduce fogging by deflecting breath away from faceshield
  • CLC (Complex Laminate Construction) shell-fiberglass composite is stronger and lighter-allows use of softer, less-dense liner materials inside for increased rider comfort
  • FFS (FreeFlow System)-reduces wind turbulence while increasing the exhaust of hot air from the facial area
  • Dual Intake / Dual Exhaust Ventilation-dual TDF-2 top intake vents and DDL-3 bridged exhaust vents designed to draw significant volume of air from helmet interior
  • Multiple-Foam Interiors for comfort
  • Rear Exhaust Channel and Vent adds a racy look while drawing hot air from helmet interior
  • Fully removable liner and cheek pads
  • New enhanced pull down chin spoiler, increases exhaust of hot breath to minimize shield fogging
  • Meets or exceeds Snell and D.O.T. standards

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