Arai RX-7 GP Helmet – Review Video

Arai RX-7 GP Helmet – Review Video

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Arai is extremely proud to announce that the new RX-7 GP helmet is one of the very first to meet  both ECE Regulation 22-05 and upcoming SNELL M2010 standard.

The RX-7 GP is in all respects the new benchmark in Arai’s helmet technology. The RX-7 GP was developed with the SNELL M2010 in sight, one of the most stringent helmet standards for impact-absorption test, in addition to the mandated ECE Regulation 22-05 standard.

There are however, considerable differences between the ECE 22-05 and SNELL M2010 requirements.

SNELL M2010 requires for instance that any location above the test line is to be tested by two consecutive impacts, while ECE 22-05 requires a single impact only to specific points on the test headform. This makes the total impact energy absorbed byeach test location by the SNELL M2010 standard, almost twice as high as for the ECE 22-05 tests in some consumer size ranges.

In addition, SNELL M2010 impact absorption tests are carried out with hemispherical and bar anvils. Both anvils are known as harsh to the outer shell performance. Furthermore, to insure the helmet shell is strong enough, shell penetration testing is also required by SNELL M2010, but is missing in the ECE 22-05 standards.

The impact-absorption capacity of the new Arai RX-7 GP exceeds even that of the RX-7 Corsair. Together with its conformity to both the ECE Regulation 22-05 and SNELL M2010 it makes the RX-7 GP a true new benchmark in helmet technology.

A bit of history

The model name ‘’RX-7” has been for years equal to the very best available in the helmet industry. The Arai RX-7 immediately conquered the top position in the premium helmet market segment, thanks to its immensely strong and stiff outer shell and the revolutionary ‘’Diffuser” ventilation system.

When the RX-7 RR IV evolved to the present day RX-7 ‘’Corsair”, the new model had a real challenge ahead, because improving the popular RX-7 was not an easy job. But as we now know, the Arai engineers and their technology did this so brilliantly.

The RX-7 Corsair with its beautiful slim and aerodynamically shaped shell has been embraced by both professional racers and serious sports riders alike. The top position in the helmet industry has been again unchallenged, with the RX-7 Corsair generally acknowledged as the finest helmet on the market.

The new King

But even icons such as the RX-7 Corsair grow older and although the Corsair looks to be as crisp and fresh as on the day of its introduction, it is in fact now a five year old design. But that alone is certainly no reason for changes. Arai helmets have a known long lifespan, with a tremendous resistance against wear and tear. And even then: all service parts are available to keep your Arai as original as on the day it left the factory in Japan .

But, what really matters is the fact that Arai has developed completely new helmet technology. From new materials, to new construction methods, to new features. And it all adds up to offer a better, safer and more comfortable helmet.

All this new technology, all the know how Arai has gathered not only in many years of fierce Grand Prix and MotoGP competition, but also in countless kilometres of hard road riding, has culminated to produce a helmet that deserves such advanced thinking and knowledge.

Enter the new RX-7 GP

Arai took this technology and incorporated it into a brand new helmet that is a completely new design, starting from scratch.

A helmet named RX-7 GP. Completely new, developed to be the ultimate racing helmet.

Just take one look at it and you know it is different. Readily recognizable by the adjustable Air Wing spoiler on the back.

The all-new Arai RX-7 GP is the most extensive race tested helmet ever. This successor to the legendary RX-7 Corsair, has been developed in actual MotoGP and Grand Prix races. Tested at high speeds on the straights of international racetracks. Designed for and used by winning professional riders. The result is the stunning new RX-7 GP with an adjustable Air Wing that significantly reduces buffeting and drag when the riders emerge from a full tuck when braking from high speeds, enhancing concentration. At the same time the Air Wing increases the top speed thanks to the improved aerodynamic properties of the new RX-7 GP.

The RX-7 GP benefits from a wider visor aperture that offers more view through the bends, giving you every time that split-second advantage accelerating out of corners.

The RX-7 GP is the very first motorcycle helmet offering the ‘’Peripherally Belted” SNC outer shell construction, that surpasses even the incredible strength and stiffness of the Corsair shell.

The ‘’Emergency Release” cheek pads offer increased personal safety in case of an accident, while the famous SNC net material has become stronger to keep the shell shape intact even under extremely heavy loads and impacts.

A new diffuser, larger visor, wider vision, less buffeting, improved ventilation, the list of improvements and industry-firsts is impressively long.

But it all adds up to a helmet that is truly state of the art: the brand new Arai RX-7 GP.

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