Fox Racing F3 Boots – Review Video

Fox Racing F3 Boots – Review Video

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The Fox F3 boots are arguably the best non-hinged boot on the market. Developed and tested for 18 months by James Stewart and Ricky Carmichael, these higher end motocross boots were made for performance. Fatigue to your ankles and knees are reduced by a special shock absorbing EVA outsole. The flexibility, durability, and support you need is provided by the top grain leather construction.

F3 boots have two(one down each side) braces to prevent injury from twisting or side to side movement. I feel it protects my ankles better if my foot were to catch on a rock.

  • Top grain leather chassis, achilles and instep provide flexibility, comfort, quick break in and improved durability.
  • New evolution compound plastic for improved flexibility, durability and enhanced feel for the bike.
  • 3D molded chassis.
  • In-molded strap receivers.
  • Shock absorbing EVA – outsole insert.

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