Vestal Destroyer Adult Watch

Price: $150.00

Vestal Destroyer Adult Watch

For the man (or woman) who only needs the bare essentials to be happy, the Minimalist Watch is the ideal accessory. Stripped down to the core, this brand new Destroyer is simply the most minimal Destroyer ever made. Watchismo is proud to share this exclusive timepiece before anyone else!

The name says it all. This watch destroys it! Big, metal, sleek, tough and elegant all wrapped up into one. This watches popularity reaches across ALL musical genres. It would have looked good on Biggie and I would imagine that Johnny Thunder would have worn it too.

CASE: Oversized Stainless Steel 45mm Wide
BAND: Stainless Steel 22mm Wide
BUCKLE: Stainless Steel Safety Clasp
CRYSTAL: Solid Curved Mineral
MOVEMENT: All Destroyers Now Have Swiss Movements. Standard 3 Hand Swiss

Price: $150.00
DES046S – Vestal – Destroyer – Gold/Purple – $150.00
DES041S – Vestal – Destroyer – Silver/Tint Crystal – $150.00
DES047S – Vestal – Destroyer – Rose Gold/White – $150.00
DES050 – Vestal – Destroyer – Gold Minimalist – $150.00
DES049 – Vestal – Destroyer – Silver Minimalist – $150.00
DES048 – Vestal – Destroyer – Black Minimalist – $150.00
DES001S – Vestal – Destroyer – Silver/Black – $150.00
DES051 – Vestal – Destroyer – Black/White – $150.00