Icon Men’s Timax 2 Nylon Jacket – Review Video I

Icon Men’s Timax 2 Nylon Jacket – Review Video

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At Icon, we believe Titanium is a dish best served cold. And in massive quantities. That’s why we load up our entire TiMax product line with the best cold stamped Titanium we can get our hands on. Unlike some of our competitors’ so called Titanium, we only use the weapons grade variety. We’re no rocket scientists, but if it’s good enough for ballistic missiles it ought to be just fine on crotch rockets. Then we mount all these tasty Titanium plates on the most technically advanced motorcycle jacket chassis known to mankind. Bam. TiMax2.

  • Durable Dynax ® Nylon Chassis
  • Genuine Titanium armor plating for increased protection
  • Titanium reinforced textile panels in critical areas
  • CE approved elbow/shoulder armor
  • Reverse action back for a no-bind fit
  • Zippered shoulder intake vents
  • Large mesh back panel for heat reduction
  • Ribbed spandex in flex zones for comfort
  • Revovale insulated vest for cold weather riding.

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