Metzeler Interact Technology – Review Video II

Metzeler Interact Technology – Review Video

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Riders demand a lot from their tires. Not only do they need to have plenty of grip during spirited riding, they have to be stable and provide decent service life when piling on the miles during the weekday grind. In order to fulfill these needs many manufacturers use different compound tread zones throughout the tire. Metzeler, however, tackles the problem by using its proprietary Interact technology in which the tire’s steel-banded carcass is precision tuned much like the strings of a guitar. This allows engineers to literally tune each and every section of the tire for more or less flex.

The carcass uses three different belt tension levels divided among five sections of the tire. At the center a high belt winding tension provides stability and prevents squirm during hard acceleration. It’s flanked by a lower tension level which allows that area of the tire to flex more. This heats up the rubber compound allowing it to deliver optimum road grip. Additionally, it also helps the tire conform to the surface of the road expanding the contact patch. At the tire’s edge a high tension (in between that of the center and the lateral sections) is used to keep the tire planted during maximum lean.

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