Metzeler Racetec SM – Promo Video

Metzeler Racetec SM – Promo Video

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Metzeler announces immediate availability of the all new Racetec SM, a Supermoto racing slick tyre destined to lead key championships and cup series at the hands of both professional and racing for fun riders. A strong commitment by Metzeler to again achieve a leadership position in the racing world led to the creation of the Racetec Interact in 2009 and now to birth the next generation Racetec SM tyres, concluding a 5-year long full renovation of Metzeler’s racing line.

Equipped with patented 0° steel belt structures for both front and rear tyres, new sizes and profiles, and new compounds, the Racetec SM’s agile handling quickens transitions between turns and facilitates easier drifting with a constant performance for the entire race. With the Racetec SM, Metzeler expands its range of Supermoto tyres with the introduction of three new tyres, each of which is offered in both a soft K1 compound for smooth to medium roughness asphalts in colder temperatures (17-19°C) and a more durable K2 compound for abrasive tracks and all other temperatures. These 16.5″ and 17-inch non-DOT legal slicks were developed at various regional and national Supermoto tracks by professional Supermoto riders who assisted in testing under actual race conditions with the goal of eliminating chatter, tears and to guarantee a proven grip level.

New Technologies

The Racetec SM is the only Supermoto tyre to adopt a 0° radial steel belt structure for the front and rear tyres, a patented technology supplying a lightweight carcass and promoting an ease of handling and trajectory holding on any racetrack. The tyre’s stable nature distributes forces uniformly to the surface, optimizing the contact patch in every condition: under braking, the tyre’s contact patch is 12% larger compared to its predecessor the Racetec Drift resulting from a new front tyre profile and integrated 0° steel belt.

New Drift Feeling

The entire Racetec SM project was centred on creating a new drift feeling as well as ensuring traction and precision in all areas of the curve. A wider footprint front tyre supplies excellent rider control and improves braking on corner entry and ultimately triggers drift when reaching the apex; in the neutral part of the curve, the grip level grows progressively along with the size of the contact patch until the rider reaches corner exit when full power needs to be transmitted to the ground. A refreshed sidewall design facilitates drifting by acting like a spring to provide the flexibility to achieve the maximum contact patch and grip when the rider opens the throttle.

New Sizes and Profiles

Both front tyre sizes of 125/80 R17 and 125/80 R420 have an equal section width of 125mm, but the 16.5″ Racetec SM front provides an increased side contact patch when approaching high lean angles as compared to its 17″ counterpart due to a rounder profile. Utilizing an advanced CMT (Contour Modelling technology), the Racetec SM rear profile guarantees easyness of drifting, proper support in the corners and great confidence in cornering exit at full throttle. The profile of the new 165/55R17 tyre size has an increased section height without enlarging the tyre width when mounted on the rim. The overall diameter of the Racetec SM compared to the existing Racetec Drift rear tyre is taller by 2% (+5mm), eliminating necessary bike adjustments and improving handling and drifting for best-in-class performance. This larger section width has a positive effect on the size of the contact patch and improves dampening properties in off road sections (by increasing fork rebound by 5mm), matching perfectly to the suspension system to eliminate chattering.

New Compounds

The Racetec SM adopts a 100% silica compound, the only material able to keep the temperature under control and to avoid any overheating effects, for a maximum consistency of performance over the entire race. Racetec SM compounds are designed maintain performances even after frequent entrances / exits from the off-road section of the track through improved self cleaning properties when transitioning back to the asphalt. Lasting performance is thus guaranteed in a very wide range of application, and the Racetec SM can even be used with or without tyre warmers. The new and more stable compound provides excellent grip with no decay and tears over the full race distance. The new Racetec SM is positioned in racing NHS segment and will replace Racetec Drift, available in front tyre sizes 125/80 R17 and 125/80 R42, and rear size 65/55R17, with none of the tyres being road-legal. Two compounds variants are available, precisely tuned
for specific weather and surface conditions, ensuring the rider can find the best solution whatever the temperature, tarmac or riding style.

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