Mazda Raceway/Laguna Seca 2011 Oakley & Motorhelmets Red Bull Moto GP Event

The premier Moto GP event in the United States blasted into Monterey, California on Thursday, July 21st. Drawing both a national and international audience, this event sets the tone for America’s performance in two-wheels.

With multiple athletes in contention for a win, Oakley was on track to support with our presence and an awesome product story. Working with Motorhelmets, a major cycle retailer from the SoCal area, Oakley had every piece of eyewear a race fan could ask for.

From Oakley athlete signature series, to Ducati and Moto GP editions, and even the Wind Jacket in multiple colors, it was a feast for the eyes. Fans came in droves to check out the Oakley product mix and show their allegiance. With a reported 60% increase in attendance over prior year, it was a good thing that Motorhelmets went big with their eyewear.

Action under the Oakley tent was high octane from the moment gates opened in the morning to the moment the last cylinder fired. Both Oakley and employees from Motorhelmets assisted with sales while consumers enjoyed the atmosphere. Music was rocking, a video recap of the 2010 Moto GP series was playing, and people were just having a cool relaxing moment.

T he Oakley tent’s position at the first turn of the course afforded extra privileges too. People were lined up along the fence line behind Oakley, ensuring they saw the action while getting an awesome spot to watch the race. Also, the multiple daily flyovers of Turn #1 by television helicopters ensured Oakley was all over live broadcast!

The final race on Sunday brought out passion in all fans, but those rooting for Casey Stoner got a rush when he beat the field and earned first place. There was definitely increased interest and a run on Stoner Edition Scalpel at that time.

Overall, the account enjoyed great sales, moving over $40k of Oakley product. With that success, things can certainly be expected to rev up for next year’s race!