One Industries 18” Sheet Pre-Printed Background Graphic Kit Accessories

Price: $14.95

One Industries 18'' Sheet Pre-Printed Background Graphic Kit Accessories

Modeled after Reed, Windham and Villopoto’s bikes, our pre-printed backgrounds will give your bike that “factory” look. Available for all current MX Bikes. Apply racing numbers to complete the process. Take it a step further with our ONE iD program and fully customize your backgrounds (available for all models).

  • Side number plate/front number plate/airbox decals
  • Subsurface screen printed on 15 mil vinyl
  • Processed with authentic 3M brand adhesive to create a one piece final product

If you’re one of those types that read the print & want to do things the right way, we’re here to help. To properly install and care for your graphics, follow these easy steps:

1. First & foremost clean your plastic parts like you’ve never cleaned them before.
2. After the soap and water treatment, use contact cleaner (available at your friendly neighborhood cycle shop) to get the plastic prepared for it’s new look.
3. Wash your hands. REALLY wash your hands!
4. Remove decal from package, oh so carefully, fold back a corner of the graphics. Visually line-up the graphics to the correct location of the motorcycle.
5. As you position the graphic onto the shroud, carefully peel-off the backing and gradually apply the decal in a cautious front to back movement (remember to breathe). As you progress. Take extra caution to line-up the graphics to all bolt holes and slots.

Price: $14.95
BG-UN18-BK – One Industries – 18” Sheet – Black – $14.95
BG-UN18-BL – One Industries – 18” Sheet – Blue – $14.95
BG-UN18-CL – One Industries – 18” Sheet – Clear – $14.95
BG-UN18-GR – One Industries – 18” Sheet – Green – $14.95
BG-UN18-RD – One Industries – 18” Sheet – Red – $14.95
BG-UN18-WH – One Industries – 18” Sheet – White – $14.95