Oakley Proven MX Sand Shattered Men’s Dirt Eyewear

Price: $55.00

Oakley Proven MX Sand Shattered Men's Dirt Eyewear

There’s a place out there among the windblown berms and baking sun that only riders know, a sacred ground where the desert puts up routes and dares them to follow. If you’re a road warrior who likes to get as far away from the road as possible, you know the place. You also know that overkill is our default setting, so an MX goggle like this isn’t just performance and comfort – it’s your ticket to bliss in the badlands.

Closed-cell foam is how we keep sand out while letting sweaty vapors escape, so even this level of venting still maintains a full-on barrier against those tiny particles of destruction. Triple-layer face foam pulls away sweat for comfort that won’t quit. Our Dark Grey lens offers improved color recognition in bright light to help you see every detail while filtering out all UV. It’s made of scratch-resistant Lexan, optimized with anti-fog treatment and shaped to maximize your peripheral and downward view. Posts are included for your tear-offs, and for all-out riders, this lightweight design is engineered to meet EN 174 standards for impact protection. This is a 2012 Model.

Available in Yellow/Red/Clear- Dark Grey

Price: $55.00

57-705 – Oakley Proven MX Sand Shattered Men’s Dirt Eyewear – Yellow/Red/Clear, Dark Grey – $55.00